Digital Copy of McGill’s Investments (and Much New Info)

On March 24th, 2016 McGill University released the most comprehensive and useful information it has ever released on their investments. For the first time, McGill has released digital, .csv formatted copies of all their investments, including stock tickers and precise dollar amounts for all companies, as well as fully accounting for their corporate bonds (Part 2). For the first time, it will be easy to search McGill’s investments and match them to live stock information.

In addition, McGill released investments since 2012 (part 1).

Also, in part 3 and 4, McGill released the most comprehensive information they have ever published on McGill’s “alternative investments” in oil commodities, real estate, and a list of McGill’s hedge funds with overall strategies indicated.

We’d like to thank the staff at McGill for their help in preparing this data. We hope this information will help inform the discussions happening on campus around these issues.


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