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Rolling Release of McGill’s Equity Holdings and Quarterly Reports

The equities are here from 2011 on:

And the quarterly reports are here, again from 2011 on:

Here are the annual reports going back to 2007:


2012 Fossil Fuel Research Contracts with Imperial Oil (Exxon Mobil)

In 2014, McGill completed the ATI requests originally filed in 2012 relating to fossil fuel research contracts (for which there is normally a two-month statutory limit).

McGill informed us that it has research contracts with Imperial Oil, nexen, Statoil ASA, Royal Bank of Canada, BHP Billiton, Xstrata, Rio Tinto. But of these companies only two–Imperial Oil and BHP Billiton, to their credit–agreed to release partially redacted contracts to us.

This document is the 2012 contracts with Imperial Oil (Exxon Mobil).

2012 Fossil Fuel Research Contracts

Overdue Military Research ATIs

Overdue Military Access to Information Requests

Students concerned about destructive military research on campus filed ATI requests, seeking details of the University’s partnerships with defense contractors and military research agencies. The Administration imposed delays on the requests beyond what is permitted under Quebec law, and has now failed to respect their own deadlines. McGill University is illegally concealing information on military research conducted on campus.