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Board of Governor Conflict of Interest statements–November, 2014

In November, 2014 McGill released the Conflict of Interest statements for its current Board of Governors.

ATI  2 06-11-2014

ATI  3 06-11-2014

This file documents the cost associated with stocking the principal’s refridgerator:

ATI  06-11-2014


2013/06 Snapshot of McGill’s Investments

In December 2012, McGill began voluntarily releasing their investments online (all in PDF form), without requiring an ATI.

Here is a snapshot of McGill University’s investments in June 2013:

June 2013 Quarterly Report

Publicly Traded Fixed Income Holdings

The following also list McGill’s holdings in Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) in these geographical areas, in addition to the separate equities:

Non-North American Publicly Traded Equity Holdings

US Publicly Traded Equity Holdings

Canadian Publicly Traded Equity Holdings


Overdue Military Research ATIs

Overdue Military Access to Information Requests

Students concerned about destructive military research on campus filed ATI requests, seeking details of the University’s partnerships with defense contractors and military research agencies. The Administration imposed delays on the requests beyond what is permitted under Quebec law, and has now failed to respect their own deadlines. McGill University is illegally concealing information on military research conducted on campus.